Season 13 Update in PUBG mobile:

Royal pass 13 Update will be officially released on May 12 and RP will be locked on May 11.


Many other updates will be released but there is no chance of Erangle 2.0. Miramar 2.0 will be released in this update surely.



Below are the leaks from PUBG Mobile Season 13 and PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update-

  1. Army Men set
  2. Safety Scramble MODE
  3. Fire Ranger set
  4. Nebula Hero set
  5. Puppet Agent set advanced
  6. Puppet Agent set intermediate, Basic, and Rock ‘n’ Roll set
  7. Fire Ranger
  8. Nebula Hero
  9. Captain Hawk headgears
  10. Lego Inspired Vector Skin
  11. Lego Inspired P92 Pistol Skin Padded Leather Set Unique Headgear
  12. Season13 Themed Airplane Finish
  13. Season 13 Themed Parachute
  14. Tribal Set with Ram Skull Mask
  15. RP 100 Outfit – Choice between Lava Superman or the Flash Superman
  16. Miramar 2.0 with Golden Mirado
Season 13 Update PUBG Mobile
 Season 13 Update PUBG Mobile


Minimum Requirements For Pubg Mobile:

Different Devices require different Requirements such as for,

For iOS Player:

As you Know PUBG is an Online multiplayer game so you must have a Good Internet Connection.

iPhone 5s, iPad2, or iOS 9 or above the user can run PUBG Mobile in Their Devices.

For the Android Player:

A minimum 4 GB is needed to run this game in your Devices. A device with more than 5.1.1 Version can Run this game easily.

To Download Pubg mobile:

The mobile players can download this game directly from Google Playstore.

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For Emulator User

To Download Pubg Mobile in Emulator, Click Here

1). Then click on Download.

2). After Downloading Install Gameloop.

3). After Installation click on PUBG Mobile then Click on Install.

4). Enjoy the Game.

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