Release Date of Season 15 PUBG Mobile last about eight to nine weeks. With Season 14 starting 14 July, we expect it will end 13 September. Understand MORE: Best regulators for PUBG Mobile! That implies PUBG Mobile Season 15 beginnings on 15 September.

New Era Announcements:


Another declaration of the time is coming to PUBG Mobile at 2.30 pm BST on 24th August. It’s hazy what it may be, and numerous remarks because of the official tweet trust it’s a crackdown on programmers. We should see about PUBG Mobile Season 15 Leaks, Season 15 PUBG Mobile level awards here.

Leaks of Season 15:

PUBG Mobile Season 15 breaks are given underneath :

These are a few highlights that are required to be included the most recent PUBG Mobile Season 15 which is yet to be delivered in the period of September.

Season 15 PUBG Mobile
 Season 15 PUBG Mobile


1. Expansion of corona-virus-themed, with face veil extras for players.

2. Expansion of skins, knapsack, parachute skin, outfits and furthermore perhaps a tattoo, cosmetics and covers.

3. Expansion of weapon skin and acts out.

4. Another character named Sunny is probably going to be remembered for Season 15.

5. Hardly any adjustments in the guide, some eliminating scarcely any areas and supplanting it with not many new areas.

New Feature and Changes:


Players can play on Smooth and 90 Fps after changing your Setting which gonna change your Game play for sure. Infection zombie mode (Lost Harbor) will available again you can Enjoy once again in season 15. New upgrades for payload 2.0 mode, Fully equipped Vehicles with weapons, use the Armored Helicopter or use various other Armored Vehicles to experience Exciting Battles. All character will get their new look.



While we don’t have any affirmed PUBG Mobile Season 15 prizes, we have a lot of releases that evidently uncover a portion of the new substance coming in September.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Tier prizes:

Season 15 is required to deliver on September 15 and here are a couple of PUBG Mobile Season 15 level prizes spilled :

1. The cover with the outfit of the Gold level will be accessible in the Platinum level.

2. This evil-themed outfit will be the compensation for the players arriving at the Gold level.

3. A select weapon skin for SKS will be compensated for the players on arriving at the Diamond level.

4. A Season 15 Parachute will be compensated at the Ace level as the topic of the parachute coordinates the subject of the Gold level outfit.


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