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Shot Put

  Shot put:  

Shot put is a field event. The athletes try to “put” a heavy weighted metal ball as far as they can. They are not permitted to throw it but instead they push the ball out into the air. They “put” the ball by holding it at the neck and pushing it into the air.

The weight of the ball may differ from 6 to 16 pounds (2.76 to 7.26 Kg). It depends on the level, age and gender of the participants. The object of the sport is to “put” it as far as possible. Generally, there are two types of putting styles we use in schools. One is orthodox style and the
other is Parry O’Brian.

Shot Put
The act or Process of throwing a shot is known as a “put” and must be performed in a specified way to be valid. The elbow should be bend to draw the shot back, holding it near or touching the neck and chin but not farther back than the shoulder.

The shot is put by extending the arm straight into the air. The put must be carried out within 60 seconds of being called to enter the circle. The athlete is not allowed to leave the circle until the shot has landed. The judge calls for the put to be marked, then the athlete can leave the putting circle.

In Parry O’Brian, the leading leg pulls the weight of the body to the edge of the c and in Orthodox; the leading leg takes a hop, step to move the body towards the -circle edge of the stop board.

i. The initial Phase or Holding the Shot or the Stance

ii. The Final Phase or Release

iv. The Put

v. Reverse or Recovery or Follow Through

Shot Put

  General Shot Put Rules Olympics:  

– The shot Should touch or be near to the neck, under the jaw or front of the ear at beginning of the throw.

– The shot cannot be kept down or pulled back from the starting position. It must be pushed forwards.

– The shot cannot be taken from the behind the line of the shoulders.

– The hand cannot be dropped below the neck/chin position during the put.

A foul occurs when:

– The shot is held away from the neck at beginning of the put.

– The hand is dropped/pulled back before the forward push.

– The hand is taken from the behind the line of the shoulder.

– If the shot lands exterior of the sector than it will be Foul.

– If the competitor comes out from the front half of the circle.

– If the competitor Comes out of the circle before the shot has landed.

– Each athlete has three throws in school competitions.

– The athlete can touch the inside of the stop-board but not the top of it.

– Athletes can go in the circle from any direction but they should take their exit from the rear half of the circle.

– Athletes cannot leave the circle unless the shot has landed on the ground.

– Measurement should be taken from the circumference of the stop-board to the nearest mark made by the shot (to the nearest cm below). The measuring tape must be pulled through the centre of the putting circle.



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