Sobat Gaming | Goals, Advantages, Way To Join, and More of Sobat Gaming

Sobat Gaming

  Sobat Gaming  

It is a gamer community that is situated in Indonesia and was established in 2018. This community seeks to connect gamers from all over Indonesia and create a positive and corroborating atmosphere.

It has a variety of activities, including:

a. Turnamen game

b. Streaming game

c. Community meeting

d. Game class

This community is open to all gamers, both professionals and newbies. It has a combination of different members, from kids to adults.


It has several goals, namely:

a. Developing a positive and corroborating atmosphere for gamers

b. Uniting gamers from all parts of Indonesia

c. Growing awareness about the gaming ambition in Indonesia

c. This community has completed many of its goals, like:

Holds more than 100,000 members

Organized over 100 game tournaments

Getting over 1 million people through game streaming

It is one of the biggest gamer communities situated in Indonesia. This community has played an essential role in growing awareness about the gaming industry in Indonesia.


Here are a few of the advantages of joining Sobat Gaming as follows:

Helps to make new friends who have the same attractions

Understand more from skilled players

Contest with other players in tournaments

Sustaining the Indonesian gaming industry

If you are a gamer in Indonesia, I suggest you be part of it. This community is a wonderful place to encounter other people who share your welfare and to understand more about gaming.

  Ways to Sobat Gaming  

Here are many ways to join Sobat Gaming as follows:

b. a. Visit their Gaming website and register yourself.

c. Follow Gaming Friends on social media.

d. Take part in a tournament or event for Gaming Friends.

You can find more information about Buddy Gaming on the website of the Government of West Java.

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