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In this article, we will discuss Stpeach Leaks.

  Lisa Peachy  

STPeach’s real name is Lisa Peachy. She even sometimes goes by the name Lisa or Lisapeachy. She is a Canadian-born Twitch streamer and content creator presently living in California. She’s famous for her vibrant personality, diverse content across platforms, and love for video games and fitness.

Here’s a brief analysis of her online presence as follows:

Twitch: STPeach is a famous Twitch streamer, where she plays a combination of games, interacts with her chat, and occasionally does “just chatting” streams. She’s famous for her chill vibes and natural interactions with her viewers.

YouTube: Lisa’s YouTube channel features vlogs, stream highlights, and other fun content. She uploads regularly, offering viewers a glimpse into her life and personality.

Instagram: Follow @lisapeachy on Instagram for a curated feed of Lisa’s life, like photos from her travels, workouts, and behind-the-scenes moments.

Other ventures: She is also the co-owner of @drinkctrl, a beverage company, and an ambassador for @thegreendragoncbd, a CBD brand.

General, STPeach is a multi-talented and attractive personality who connects with her audience through her different online platforms. Whether you’re a gamer, fitness enthusiast, or just examining for some positive vibes, STPeach is worth reviewing out.

  Stpeach Twitch  

Twitch Channel
FollowersOver 1.2 million
* Variety gaming (League of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant, Animal Crossing, etc.)
* Just Chatting
Streaming Schedule
* Not fixed, but typically several times a week in the evenings PST
* Announcements on Twitter and Instagram
Subscriber Perks
* Sub-only emoticons
* Song requests
* Discord channel access
* First pick in viewer games
* Chat-enabled for subscriber-only chat
* Friends list on any games (capacity permitting)
* Large and active
* Positive and supportive
* Strict policy against negativity and spam

  Lisapeachy Networth  

STPeach’s net worth is calculated to be about $5 million US Dollars as of now. This figure, according to Popular Net Worth, is depend on her different income streams, like:

Twitch streaming: She is a famous Twitch streamer with more than 1.2 million followers. She makes income through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

YouTube: She even has a successful YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers. She earns income through ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Brand deals: She has partnered with several brands, such as True Classic Tees and KontrolFreek, for sponsored content and promotions.

Other ventures: She has also released her line of merchandise and has participated in paid appearances at events.

It’s essential to mention that STPeach’s net worth is an estimate and her true income may be higher or lower than these digits. However, there is no mistrust that she is a victorious online personality who has made a significant amount of money through her different efforts.

  Stpeach Husband  

She was earlier in a relationship with her then-boyfriend Jay Chae, whom she began dating in 2016. He originally appeared in some of her videos and was famous for his supporting and positive presence.

However, as of now, STPeach and Jay got wedded. They celebrated their wedding in classic Korean hanbok, hardening their long-term dedication and love for each other.

  Stpeach Twitch Banned  

Here is the list of Twitch banned her with the date and duration as follows:

DateReason for BanDuration
April 11, 2023Charity stream critique of hot tub meta1 day
April 12, 2023Wearing Raven cosplay2 days
April 25, 2023Kiddie pool stream in response to ban1 day


Main Focus
Twitch Streaming
Twitch FollowersOver 1.2 million
Twitch Content
Variety gaming, Just Chatting, ASMR
Additional Platforms
YouTube (600,000+ subscribers)
Brand Deals
True Classic Tees, KontrolFreek, and others
Other Ventures
Merchandise sales, paid appearances
Career Trajectory
Steady growth in net worth and audience
Brand Expansion
Lifestyle content, interviews, collaborations
Positive Influence
Role model for young women on Twitch
Future Outlook
Continued growth, diversification, balance

  Stpeach Photos  

  Stpeach Photos  
  Stpeach Photos  
  Stpeach Photos  
  Stpeach Photos  
  Stpeach Photos  

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