30 Strategy Games Online Release in 2021-22 for Android/PC | Strategy Games Online 2021/22 Android/PC



Today we got the top 30 Strategy Games online Release in 2021-22 we begin with,

 30. Beyond All Reason  

Beyond All Reason by BAR Team. Open source RTS is a promising-looking sci-fi strategy game that seems to be trying to take a classic formula but amp it up to something next level.

Whether they can do that, well we can hope. Every projectile and explosion is simulated in real-time, thousands of units on the battlefield each with their own AI, and a focus on the importance of terrain and thus unit movement types matter, and the gameplay isn’t going to be about resource collection and management as it’s about the units and how many your CPU can handle.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

Not to mention there are 394 units right now. It sounds impressive but also this could be very messy and unfocused, though its inspiration for Total Annihilation is pretty much what it’s going for, so it should be for fans of that. Beyond All Reason is certainly an interesting project and however, it turns out I’d be keen to see how things go.


 29. Module War  

Getting a bit more creative we have a module war by bio hex games the initial look at this game was seeming rather rough but after having played the demo.

I was pleasantly surprised this is a modular unit RTS where your base is made up of parts and those parts can split to become units imagine spore but as an RTS kind of like impossible creatures, you’d think it’d be pretty straightforward with the options you have crafting some units and moving out.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

The way the pieces work leaves a lot of room for meaningful customization arrangement and micro can be incredible if you’re good enough being able to split off pieces on the fly and reattaching them as needed smaller pieces move faster bigger pieces live longer story-wise there’s also a nice touch of full-motion video acting which is in vogue now because of the command and conquer remasters but of course can come off cheesy at times but sometimes that’s the point overall.

I don’t think that this is going to be the next E-sport but for a real-time strategy game, it’s better than expected and feels like something different module war entered early access in 2020 and is looking at a 2021 release.


 28. Fata Deum  

going a little bit bigger it’s Fata Deum by 42 bits entertainment when you see this guard gamers will know what it pretty much looks like it’s black and white as you’re equipped with divine powers.

you are trying to gain as many mortal followers as you can raise armies to conquer thy neighbors or build up to become a culturally convincing powerhouse as you act as a benevolent or tyrannical deity to foster or frighten your followers you can also micromanage people or leave them to their own devices lots of choices in how you play which is what a god game is about and the armies and conquering make this like a strategy game too.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

There’s meant to be a campaign mode with an engaging narrative but capturing that kind of deep yet humorous charm that god games tend to need can be a very difficult balancing act it raised 60,000 euros on Kickstarter which is a decent but not huge amount and is planning to enter early access in 2021 with a full release of Fata Deum by 2022.


 27. Divine Commander  

Sticking with the gods we’ve got divine commander by salty lemon entertainment a handcrafted action RTS of Greek gods battling each other with base-building and army colliding this does look a little cartoony and the big note here is that it’s being designed for controllers meaning the average PC strategy gamer isn’t going to be that into this.

They do say that the typical console RTS are mediocre experiences and they want to make it something proper that does also mean that it’s going to be more of a macro strategy game with less focus on high-speed micro-management.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

Some would prefer and it is still a strategy game on the PC and if they do design the controls well enough divine commander could offer something a little bit different and it’s not like it’s the first RTS that’s designed for controllers anyway.


 26. liquidation  

Continuing with the RTSs liquidation by kiwi brothers studio set in a universe of dark fantasy and science fiction single-player and multiplayer gameplay four factions base-building unit inventories ranked matches and a deity avatar that you customize and send into battle sounds like a cool premise but not much has been shown off though.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

I have had a look at the demo and the unit control feels decent and it’s got a good foundation overall it’s got a lot of potential with a bit of a cartoony visual style reminiscent of Warcraft 3 kind of going back into Warhammer 40k vibes as well and the gameplay trailer is promised to be released soon.

so if you like the outline of what it looks like right now then check back in with liquidation a little bit later when there’ll be more information.


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 25. Amber Chronicles of Lure  

Next, we have amber chronicles of the lure by fire ember games a modern RTS reforged is the idea here in a world ravaged by constant war for control of amber a rare element play through the story mode choose one of eight factions and compete online or create custom maps and experiences to share with the community sample gameplay footage is at least available though.

This is just about starting a Kickstarter at the time this article is going out it is looking rather rough and unpolished so if it makes it through the Kickstarter then there’s going to be quite a bit of work to do there is a promise but it’s all subject to change at this point and it’s mainly one to watch hopefully amber chronicles of lore is an RTS reforged a bit better than what Warcraft 3 reforged ended up being.


 24. DwarfHeim  

get ready to play with others in DwarfHeim by pine leaf studio asymmetric co-op multiplayer competitive RTS this is about different classes of dwarves controlled by different players who work together to overcome their enemies the fact that your class builder minor or warrior limits what you can do means cooperation is key.

It brings some new challenges to RTS gameplay, of course, being a dwarf RTS there is an underworld layer to the map where you’ll be mining and refining materials and there’s an exploration element to the map as well as you’ll be digging out the terrain and as a warrior, you’ll be clearing out creep camps and capturing objectives.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

Generally, it looks great and towards the end of 2020 it’s going through early access which does mean it’s a bit lacking at the start in terms of content and various things need to be improved particularly unit behavior and pathfinding but it’s got a solid base and DwarfHeim might be a fun co-op game to play with friends and strangers now though it can be frustrating if your teammates aren’t the positive type you could wait a bit for it to finish by the target summer 2021 release window.


 23. Diplomacy is not an Option  

And then we’ve got diplomacy is not an option by door 407 born as a feudal lord but bored of the luxurious lifestyle you go through a mid-life crisis and the peasants are now unhappy also you’re tasked with harvesting natural resources from foreign lands which upsets the locals.

so you get a lot of enemies in this game perhaps you should turn around and fight the king instead you will also face moral dilemmas and human stupidity anyway no one is your friend and you’re going to be managing your city economy resources defenses and more to try and survive and maybe achieve victory it’s certainly a fun take and kind of like a fantasy medieval.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

They are billions kind of thing which sounds like a good time visually it’s colorful and low poly but probably necessary considering the sheer size of the horde that’s coming to kill you diplomacy is not an option seems like something that a lot of people will enjoy for a time at least as long as it does all work and delivers what’s promised in 2021.


 22. Fertile Crescent  

next up we have the fertile crescent by mini-boss and link read at first glance this looks and feels almost like a d make of age of empires but with a few tweaks to gameplay and survival elements it’s an indie RTS with multiplayer made by a two-person team and has some charming pixel art to go with it up to four-player multiplayer.

You’ll be settling the land harvesting resources training units defending your village and destroying your rivals it’s not a big triple an RTS that’s going to become the next big thing but it does have some niche appeal you can try it for free and the download is readily available.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

But it’s still working on a lot of features and development can only go so fast considering the indie nature of it still I think the fertile crescent is worth mentioning here as just the idea of a de-made age of empires already will pique some people’s interests.


 21. Andreas Carlson  

Next up we’ve got Trollskog by Andreas Carlson an open-world builders strategy game that’s about setting up economics and building up a force for tactical battles explore a world inspired by Swedish folklore filled with friendly and hostile NPCs quest to complete resources to harvest and you can do things using diplomacy or by force, it’s been on steam in early access with mixed reviews since 2019.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

so it is unfinished and needs a lot of work but there has also been significant progress through 2020 as it works towards better pathfinding smarter AI.

And more content going towards version 0.9 from there the idea is to implement multiplayer and head into a 1.0 release meaning if progress continues as it has been there’s a chance Trollskog can complete within the next year or so.


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 20. Touch Type Tale  

then for something a little bit weird in terms of controls, it’s touch-typed tale by pumpernickel studio imagine typing of the dead but it’s a medieval real-time strategy and there aren’t any zombies.

Yeah, this might be a weird idea but how you control a game doesn’t necessarily change its genre and this is a unique entry to the list that could be great for a niche audience the throne is left unclaimed and barbarians are at the gates and an unlikely hero is needed expect a story-rich campaign competitive multiplayer and lots of typing as gameplay isn’t about micromanagement or grand strategy.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

But it tests your skills differently initially meaning to release in 2020 it’s not hitting that goal and is jotting in a tentative 2021 release window now as long as development isn’t touching and go touch-type tail can be fully typed out by then.


19. The First Man  

for something that’s been changing over the years it’s the first man by gather tree what looks kind of like a don’t starve survival base-building strategy game with genetics.

This certainly isn’t your expected kind of game in a strategy list and what this game exactly is has been shifting somewhat through its development start by designing your first two people with traits and abilities to develop your base to provide for your people to explore a storybook fantasy world with creatures quests and civilizations to discover and battle in a real-time with poor’s combat system a map editor along with steam workshop support is also promised.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

so new stories and adventures can be crafted by the community it’s weird and it looks weird and different which can be nice but also if it’s a bit too unexpected then people might not be able to get into the game properly considering how it’s been changing a lot we’ll need to see how the first men are when it enters early access before judging it targeted right now for a quarter 2 2021 release.


 18. Empires of the Undergrowth  

shrinking down we have empires of the undergrowth by slug disco studios mine out your colony uncover resources hunt bugs and overwhelm rival colonies this is an ant RTS that plays a bit like dungeon keeper mixed with sim ant.

We’ve been watching it for a few years now you control different ant species through your colony and it has a single-player story campaign that involves scientists messing with ants having played some of it it’s a really solid experience it’s just not done and it’s taking a long time to get through development it entered early access on steam in 2017 and has positive reviews and a smaller but still stable player base initially planning to finish around the end of 2020.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

I think it’s still got a ways to go but empires of the undergrowth are worth checking out and might surprise you I just wish it was done.


17. Songs of Conquest  

Now for some of the best pixel art you’ve ever seen we’ve got songs of conquest by lava potion with the subtitle of classic adventure strategy this is looking a lot like the age of wonders or heroes of might and magic but one thing that stands out immediately is a clear dedication to the pixel art style that.

I’ve not seen at this level very often especially not in a strategy game turn-based kingdom-building raising of armies and magicians questing for loot fighting monsters and optimizing build orders four factions vie for control and local multiplayer is planned for release with the possibility of online multiplayer later down the road.

 Strategy Games Online
Strategy Games Online

I know many aren’t fans of pixel art but it’s a great way to create that nostalgic feeling but this is all still rendered in a 3d environment with some modern visual touches and gameplay features that should keep this from feeling dated originally planning a 2020 release it’s been delayed into 2021 which is when we can get a closer look at the wonderful pixel art of songs of conquest.


 16. Falling Frontier  

And then we have space strategy games which are generally inspired by the master of Orion and the homeworld starting with falling frontier by stutter fox studios a space RTS that has logistical gameplay and physics systems in a large scale solar system build what you need from orbital facilities to military fleets discover planets and space anomalies and claim what’s rightfully yours then fight for it there’s a ship designer too which is a common feature in space strategy games.

Falling Frontier on Steam

And generally a nice addition and overall it looks not bad right now visually pretty nice though I do worry that character and personality might be a bit lacking just from what we’ve seen right now there’s a good number of videos on YouTube you can check out and the more.

I watch them the more I feel like I’m on board for this hard to properly judge falling frontier just from that so 2021 should see some kind of release for the game and we’ll know a lot more by then.


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 15. Dominus Galaxia  

Staying in space it’s dominus Galaxia by star chart interactive space turn-based 4x on hexes promising to be easy to get into but has the depth to delve further where you are an emperor of a space-faring race ship design huge randomized tech trees plenty of races a non-cheating AI diplomacy lots of galactic terrain types random events and modding support emergent and replayable gameplay is a key focus with things being different every time you play which can keep things fresh.

Dominus Galaxia - (Space Empire 4X Strategy Game) - YouTube

But if taken too far it can become messy so pulling that off is about hitting that thin line between the two after having a relatively small but successful Kickstarter at the end of 2019 2020 has seen updates and work being done on the fundamentals like performance pathfinding AI combat.

And everything else that is needed to get this playable but there is still a lot of work to do for dominus Galaxia and hopefully the amount they crowdfunded will be enough to last until release.


 14. Star Dynasties  

And then we have star dynasties by Paulie games set in a divided galaxy following the destruction of the earth here you can expect light empire management and grand strategy along with a procedurally generated narrative cantered around human drama and politics with choices it sounds like space crusader kings which is a phrase that.

Star Dynasties on Steam

I know many would be interested in you playing the role of the head of a political family dealing with traditions laws reputation and diplomacy and trying to hold everything together through the generations the idea is nice but visually it’s might seem a little bit bland also trying to do what crusader kings do can be hard as there’s just so much that can go wrong star dynasties is trying to establish itself for a playable 2021 release so it shouldn’t be too long if you think you’ll be into this.


 13. Alliance of the Sacred Suns  

for one more space game we’ve got an alliance of the sacred suns by catholic studios with a pretty impressive tagline of the first 5x grand strategy game ever this is a game that is promising a lot and it set a very high standard for itself the five x’s exploring expand exploit exterminate and the new fifth one existing as you are a character in the game.

And if you die it’s game over colonize planets establish outposts build military and develop your great house alongside rival houses as you try to unify the celestial empire against ancient enemy relationships and diplomacy are going to be a big part of the game too gameplay is generally more on the macro scale you’re building a giant project not micromanaging things.

Alliance of the Sacred Suns Demo Now Available! : r/4Xgaming

so, think of space crusader kings again kind of there was supposed to be an early access release in 2020 but it seems alliance of the sacred suns is delayed having just had an alpha run towards the end of 2020 instead so it’s going to be a while longer before we can get into this.


 12. knights of honor 2 sovereigns  

Coming back down to earth we have knights of honor 2 sovereigns by black sea games become the king and wrestle control of Europe in this accessible grand strategy with real-time gameplay a living breathing world awaits where you’ll partake in diplomacy intrigue trade and conquest.

Knights of Honor II – Sovereign System Requirements - Can I Run It? -  PCGameBenchmark

Meanwhile, you’ll be choosing your royal court with marshals clerics merchants diplomats, and spies a robust multiplayer scene is also planned, and overall the game looks great so far okay at the time of writing this the game is still scheduled for a 2020 release but as we’re close to the end of the year and no specific date has been said knights of honor 2 sovereigns is either going to be released right at the end or is going to be delayed into 2021 many have been waiting a long time for this game.

So we can hope earlier rather than later but in my experience and as you’ve noticed from the rest of this list it’s probably gonna be delayed but we can hope.


11. Humankind  

Then for the competitor to civilization, it’s humankind by amplitude studios alternative historical 4xs are on the rise as they all vie for civilization 6’s throne, and here’s a real contender civ 6 is in the middle of its life with content updates planned for the next year.

so right now is when other games are going to try and carve out some land for themselves humankind has a lot going for it from a unique tactic-style combat system to region-based cities to a fluid civilization to play with your goal is to develop and evolve your culture through the ages and leave an unforgettable mark on the world with your fame having played some it’s pretty refined and fun.

Humankind releases today, receives favorable reviews on Metacritic :

But it’s a question of whether it’s too similar or too different for civ fans and if it’s something you’d want to shift over for maybe you’ll want to play both at the same time it’s hard to attract a huge number of players away from the traditional brand but it’s not unheard of and humankind is not pulling its punches we’ll know for sure how it performs when it releases in 2021.


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 10. An Old World  

In a similar vein but staying a bit more ancient it’s an old-world by mohawk games it seems that as civilization 6 has reached middle age many developers are attempting to challenge its position on the historical 4x throne and here’s another one the lead of this one.

Old World - Gameplay (PC/UHD) - YouTube

Soren Johnson was the lead on civilization iv an old world is a historical 4x that’s like a mix of civilization and crusader kings settling cities district building conquering tribes and competing with rival civs is all part of it but there’s also story events political choices and generations where your leader does age and die eventually replaced by an heir many seem to be liking it.

But it’s unclear if the old world really can compete with civilization or it’s just gonna be its own thing but after a year in early access as an epic store exclusive, it’ll be releasing properly in 2021.


 9. BOC: the birth of civilization  

Going a bit more indie it’s BOC: birth of civilization by coders this is a historical 4x with climate simulation set from the ice age to the fall of the western roman empire vast maps resembling the planet’s curvature plenty of AI customizations a world-building and script editor and mod support are promised along with maybe multiplayer later on down the line getting all that done.Steam Community :: BOC

It seems to be a bit of a challenge though as progress is going a bit slow and no release window is given it is an indie game and a little rough around the edges when looking at it but it’s got some nice ideas early access or alpha was meant to start in 2020 but development has been delayed and interrupted for various reasons so it’s something that we can watch for now or just check back in with BOC: the birth of civilization a year from now and see how it’s doing.


 8. Rising Lords  

Next, we have rising lords by argen wood turn-based tactical combat with card and board game mechanics this isn’t your traditional PC strategy game but there is more than you probably think you collect taxes harvest resources manage supply lines manufacture goods build fortified cities raise armies, and reshape battlefields with a campaign mode and up to four players simultaneous multiplayer.

There is a few ways to play this game and the subtleties of how everything works together should allow plenty of ability to min-max and take small advantages so skill and knowledge can pay off in your matches the 2D graphical style is a bit cartoony but does have that medieval parchment look to it which I think some people will appreciate.

I do know that board games and card mechanics aren’t everyone’s favorite though but you know if you’re okay with it then this might be something rising lords is in early access right now with few but mostly positive reviews so you can play now and the intended release window is sometime in 2021.


 7. War Selection   

Next up we’ve got war selection by glyph worlds alternative mix and match historical gameplay this is an RTS where you start in the stone age and through the course of seven eras, you select cultures and nations to develop your unique civilization base-building resource collection and warfare works as expected but with over 100 buildings and 200 units.

When all is counted together knowing what does what might take a little while to learn you can play various game modes too including survival free for all ranked matches and even an Armageddon mode having entered early access in late 2019 it’s received many very positive reviews and has a decent concurrent player base on steam which for newer RTSs is a massive achievement already.

War Selection on Steam

It means there is a multiplayer scene overall it looks good and you won’t be alone jumping in now war selection is continuing refinement of gameplay and will be done with early access once the story mode campaign is done which doesn’t have a specific release date of when that will be.


 6. Lords and Peasants  

Then for a game that’s I’ve been seeming very far from release for a while now, it’s lords and peasants by inverted cat games medieval real-time strategy with town building from a small village into a prosperous city rule over peasants to harvest resources forge alliances and recruits an army to conquer land and establish your kingdom multiplayer is also supposed to support up to 16 players in a single game.

So matches and maps are big and procedurally generated not to mention NPC villages and bandit camps every peasant is also simulated with age traits and professions good news is that a new video showing off gameplay in its current state was released and it looks not bad visually and gameplay-wise it’s just that this has been an upcoming project for a long time now there’s no telling when it will finish.

Lords & Peasants – Lords and Peasants

And it could be years could be nice but hard to get too excited for lords and peasants when it’s been a few years already and it’s still working through pre-alpha.


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 5. Stronghold warlords  

Then for the latest in a series that’s had its ups and downs stronghold warlords by firefly studios going to East Asia the stronghold series is taking castle building and resource management to a whole new set when first revealed.

There were concerns about gameplay and the visual style many of course worried about considering the up and down reputation the stronghold series has had over the years where some games have been absolute classics while others made less of a mark and the visual styles seemed very colorful at the start which some liked but others felt it was making the game look too mobile.

Stronghold: Warlords delay sees new January release date | Games News

Since the reveal graphics have been improved and gameplay has been shown off through demos and it feels like it’s trying to be a bit more like the older games but with the new warlord’s mechanic that’s about politics on a territory-based map for some light grand strategy opinions of the game still are mixed.

And it’s hard to tell how everyone will react when it releases, unfortunately, the intended 2020 release date was not able to be met because of circumstances so the new January 2021 release date should give firefly enough time to bring their vision to life for stronghold warlords.


 4. The settlers  

and then for a game that if you’re holding your breath for this I’d stop it’s the settlers by blue bite a game that was planning to have released by now a while ago even the new settlers game has been plagued by development troubles and is now delayed indefinitely with pre-orders refunded considering it’s because they were running playtests and the delay is based on feedback.

It’s reasonable to assume that the game is still in development but I suppose reception wasn’t all that great and they’ll be overhauling a bunch of things, for now, my guess is at best we get more news in 2021 with a possible late 2021 release.

Strategy Games online
Strategy Games online

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s pushed further into 2022 or maybe they’ll just cancel the whole thing if they can’t fix the issues it might have difficulty maintaining interest and may not look and feel current considering a two to three-year delay from the original release window not to mention it’s now so far out from the hype built by the history collection’s release there’s no momentum either way.

I’d probably forget about the settlers for now and check in again when more news crops up.


  3. Manor Lords  

Now for an indie game that came out of nowhere and took the internet by storm it’s manor lords by Slavic magic a first glance will instantly make you focus on the realistic and honestly beautiful visuals for this one that alone might be enough to get you into it but the gameplay is a mix of strategic military and organic city-building all by an indie developer city building will be inspired by real medieval towns influencing trade routes.

And being influenced by terrain resources will need to be managed in a historically realistic fashion with plowing of fields and blooming of iron and battles will be large scale with unit formations morale fatigue fortifications and siege weather will also have an effect which itself is ever-changing with the seasons.

Strategy Games online
Strategy Games online

They’re even doing things like motion capture and photogrammetry we’ve had an early look at mana lords and we can keep an eye on it into 2021 to see if all these parts come together into something special and it’s not just all eye candy but it’s going to release into early access and a full release is going to be some ways out but I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this one.


 2. Age of Empires  

Now after years of definitive editions releasing we get to the new title of the age of empires four by relic entertainment the next aged game is on the way and it raised a lot of questions and concerns when it was first revealed set in similar ages to age vampires 2 many were wondering why not new age.

If it would be too similar to the existing game expect castles knights trebuchets and naval warfare among the building resource management and technology researching as is traditional to an RTS testing has been going on and details are still being worked out but it does seem that age four is trying to be different with amenable walls unit abilities and terrain differences which were noticeable from the trailer.

Strategy Games online
Strategy Games online

It’s always a challenge modernizing such an established series and this is going to be making huge waves one way or another will people like the age of empires 4 will it have a long-lasting competitive multiplayer scene only time will tell.


 1. Home World 3  

And for the final main entry but there are many bonus games after this so stay tuned its homeworld 3 by blackbird interactive an announcement that got a lot of people interested indicated by the fig crowdfunding campaign that raised 1.5 million dollars.

This is a new installment in the classic 3d space fairing RTS series having a crowdfunding campaign despite being published by gearbox was a suspicious move but the goal was set to one dollar and it was stated to be confirmed from the start that they’re just using fig for insider and backer access but still a bit weird in my opinion exact gameplay isn’t going to be confirmed at this point and we should have more specifics through 2021.

Strategy Games online
Strategy Games online

As it’s scheduled for a late 2022 release which let’s face it could be delayed into 2023 but for now, we can watch this game develop and hope homeworld 3 lives up to the incredible legacy from the original games in terms of story atmosphere and gameplay that is going to be a challenge.


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  Bunch of Bonus Games  

Alright now for a bunch of bonus games but if you made it this far you probably enjoyed your time here and it would be greatly appreciated if you could subscribe to this Website.

  frost giant  

Now for those bonus games starting with a mention of frost giant studios, this is a new studio by x blizzard developers intending to make new RTS games nothing specific is confirmed but you could keep an eye on them.


cartographer this is an indie solo project that’s kind of unconfirmed right now expect multiplayer turn-based strategy and there’s a little bit of a look at it on their website.


Leviathan’s armored skies are something I was told about this is a story-based strategy game where you captain a flying warship amid a steampunk-inspired alt-history of world war one managing the lives of your crew and tactically piloting through enemy territory no footage has been released yet.


Though stubborn sovereign space this is released it’s a space for x that’s been in beta for years. so I guess technically it’s upcoming but I’m gonna start considering this one kind of release


Similarly, out space, this says that it’s ready and playable but it’s still adding content so it’s keeping the early access label for that which I would say is misleading if a game’s finished and ready then it should be released so keeping the early access labeled just because it’s continuing to get updates that are starting to twist the phrase a little bit too far for me so it’s just a bonus mention from now on

  Knights Province 

Knights province has been in development since 2013 uh so you can go have a look at it but I’m gonna think it’s gonna just keep on taking a while longer.

  Aurora Air  

Aurora air is an RTS village tower defense thing by a solo dev it’s still slowly making progress so you can go check that out it does at least look better than last year.

  O Ad  

It is still going so you can keep checking on that if you’re interested in an alternative to Age of empires and then for remasters I just want to always mention these.