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As all of us Know, ICC hosts different kinds of ICC Tournament. T20 Worldcup is one of them T20 WorldCup Extended 20 Teams.


  T20 WorldCup Extended 20 Teams  

ICC is planning to Extend the Number of teams in T20 Matches.

Currently, there are 16 Teams to play T20 matches. The Next T20 will be held in Australia in October month. ICC is making a Decision for their Cricket Calander from 2020-2031.

The primary T20 tournament during this cycle is scheduled for 2024, which means this stands to be the primary to use a brand new 20-team format.

It is understood that, if the T20 tournament were expanded to twenty groups, many choices square measure being thought of for the format of the competition.

One choice is for all 20 Team to enter at Knock stage, that means that an easy format of 4 teams of 5 groups every Team will be used. The Team leaving a Points table will be advance to the knockout stages.

Alternatively, the 2 formats presently utilized in the T20 tournament – with leading countries Directly connected to the tournament within the second stage, and alternative countries have to qualify from the primary stage to join the Leading Team.

The Other Remaining countries would then feed into an enlarged open stage of the tournament. ICC is Targeting to give a wide chance to play USA in T20 to increase the popularity of Cricket. The USA obtained ODI status Last year. Team Nepal and Nigeria having good potential in cricket will get a golden chance. This will surely help the country to develop as Cricketing Nation. The ICC is focusing to increase the Cricketing follower all over the world.


  A new concept of Champions Trophy  

The New concept of the Champions Trophy will be in both ODI and T20 format. It will help to raise funds in Broadcasting and  Commerical Rights which could help in investment in Cricket. ICC is targeting to spread the craziness of Cricket in all Countries like other sport.


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