IPL History:  

Top 5 Changes in IPL 2020, there will be some changes in the rules of this season IPL. Boundary Counts Rule, No Ball Umpire, Mid Season Transfer, etc gonna take place in IPL 2020 IPL is a Fan favourite league. IPL is the Most Favourite Cricket around the world. There are Many fans following IPL from all around the world.
The Indian Premier League may be a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested during March or April and should of each year by eight teams representing eight different cities or states in India. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2008.

  Top 5 Changes in  IPL 2020:  

 Top 5 Changes in  IPL 2020 which will take place in this Season are as follows:

1).  Boundary Count Rule in  IPL 2020:  

Boundary Count Rule will be removed from this Season due to many Problem Generated from this Rule. The matches in the final of Ipl 2020 there will get tie match than there will be Super over. If it also gets tie then there will not a rule of Boundary Count. If Super Over gets tie then there will bee another Super Over. In 2019, World Cup we saw the Rule of boundary Count. We will not see this rule in IPL 2020. We will see back to super Over unless a result does not come out. This one Big change in IPL 2020 and which is a good one also. 

2).  No Ball Umpire in  IPL 2020:  

This a Big Change which we will see in this IPL 2020. There be an Extra Umpire for No Ball Correction. His job is to check every single ball either it is No ball or not. According to President of Sourav Ganguly “There will be a No ball Umpire to check every single ball”. In the previous year, many mistakes were done by Umpire to avoid this the concept of Umpire will be used in this IPL.
Due to the mistake of Umpire, many team performances were hampered by it. It will surely minimize the error seen by the umpire during the match. All Balls Bowled by a Bowler will be checked by an UMPIRE.

3). IPL Mid Season Transfer in  IPL 2020:  

In the previous year, we saw uncapped player addition in any team. Now the player who is sold in Auction can change their team in the mid Season to any team. One player can go to another team after this decision and surely we gonna see it. This will be a big change among other changes.  Top 5 Changes in  IPL 2020 will be interesting to watch out this changes gone make new taste in IPL history.
 If any player has played 2 or fewer matches out of Seven the player can be changed by another team.

4). Opening Ceremony in  IPL 2020:   

We have seen an Opening Ceremony every year but not now. In 2019, the money was Distributed to the family of the Army. Upward, now there will not be any Opening Ceremony. According to BCCI “Opening Ceremony is the money waste due to which there will not be any Ceremony in this season IPL2020”.This money will get used in another way to improve the IPL standard. No Opening ceremony will be hosted because of COVID 19.

5). Schedule and Timing in  IPL 2020:   

This Season IPL will go longer than the previous one. This Season IPL will be of 2 Month more matches will be added which gonna Increase the Fan Heart to Roar up. In the Case of Timing, the Night matches will few and more in Evening. Now the match will start from a 7:00 pm onward. This one is a big change which gonna be implemented by BCCI.  This was Top 5 Changes in  IPL 2020 which be part of IPL 2020 this season.

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