Tri-series Tournament Nepal not Included

  Tri-series Tournament Nepal not Included  

As many of you Know Freefire is a BattleGround Game. Free Fire has over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most downloaded battle royale games. And their Earning in one month is more than $19.3 Million. Still, Freefire is unable to Host a Tournament for a single Time whereas in India and Bangladesh Tournament is Going to be hosted which will be sponsored By Garena Freefire.

Tri-series Tournament Nepal not Included.

Nepali Players are Facing many problems such as the Ping issue, Lack of Tournament etc. More than 1 lakh active Nepali Freefire players are there in Nepal. In the  FFIC tournament top, 40 players are selected in Which more than 10 Squads are from Nepal.

Tri-series Tournament Nepal not Included
Tri-series Tournament Nepal not Included

Tri-series Tournament is the largest Esports tournament for South Asia. But Nepal is not included in that Tournament which shows How much Discrimination is ongoing in Freefire. If there are Benefits for Freefire from players then only allowed to play Tournament.

Many Tournaments Happened in India but there are the same 15 -16 Teams upcoming through it which shows Underrated/Underground players are Not getting support from Freefire. How many off you think that from 1.03 Billion people only 15 -16 Freefire squads are there which out any Difference. Many squads playing Freefire are sponsored by Big organisations too.


Still, Freefire Discriminating Players provided Bangladesh and India with their own Tournament for World Series but Not for Nepal. According to the source ” There is 1 slot for Nepal in World series tournament but due to ping there are unable perform which advantage is from taken Indian Management and One slot is for Nepal has been Occupied by Indian Team which are pre-planned by Indian Management. Freefire Team Singapore is unknown this Topic which means they do not have problems faced by Nepali players.



  1. Freefire should host an Offical Tournament in Nepal.
  2. Otherwise, Freefire should help Nepali Players to support Tournament Hosted by Nepali Gamers.
  3. The server should be adjusted in such a way that there should be a minimum Ping for Us.
  4. There should be a visible World series path for Nepali Players Like India and Bangladesh
  5. All sorts of tournaments played by Indian players should be available to Nepali players too.

If these points are not considered by Freefire then as a Nepali Player we can simply Unistall this Game. Because game Organization does not care what players want than I think Players should not stick with this for Longer.

There are many Games that give priority to players Desire/ Tournament are still there so you can jump in these Games.

There are many problems which I know I am unable to list whole points. To understand more clearly watch this, Video.

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