Way to Download and Install Fortnite on PC/Android l Fortnite Android Download

Way to Download and Install Fortnite on PC

  Way to Download and Install Fortnite on PC  

You need to Download EPIC Download Launcher. You can follow this Way to Download and Install Fortnite on PC.

  1. Search for Epic Games Launcher
  2. Download Epic Games Launcher
  3. Install Epic Games Launcher
  4. Open Epic Games Launcher
  5. Search for FORTNITE
  6. Download Fornite
  7. Install Fortnite


  Way to Download and Install Fortnite on Android   

  1. Follow the same step as like as a way to download on PC


  Detailed Information to Download on PC  

Today, In this article I will show you how to download Fortnite on pc/ Windows 10 in a fast and easy way start by opening google chrome or any browser. Head up to google.com search for the epic game launcher and click on the first link this is the official website for the launcher click on download epic games launcher the installation file will start the download wait until it finishes.

Way to Download and Install Fortnite on PC


And open it up alright so after it is finished open the installation file follow the steps on the setup wizard click run choose the path where you want to install the launcher and then click install wait until the installation process ends it might take some time depending on your internet speed and your pc specs now after it finished installing.

Choose how to sign to your Epic account if you already have one if you don’t have an account create a new one or you can sign in late. But I recommend you to sign now to sign and enter your email and password click on login now and wait now click on the store and the search bar search for Fortnite.

You should see a download button but I own it now because I downloaded it before now click on install. And choose where you want to install the game you can choose whether you want to create a shortcut or not or you want to auto-update or not.

I personally recommend you to leave it as it is clicked on install and the game should start a download at this time while you are waiting just go outside and drink some water to stay hydrated.

Now that it is finished launch the game and enjoy your first game on Fortnite this might take some time no matter how isolated we are there is a primal force that binds us all that drives us to adapt to journey force in search of adventure to never ever give up to face our deepest fears no matter the consequences to confront the darkness that lurks within that primal force demands to balance the island has grown wild.



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