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In this article, we will discuss Wickedness Game


  Wickedness Game  

Wickedness is a tabletop role-playing game for 3 participants and one tarot deck, with no dice and no GM. It is a game concerning the resilience and power of queer society and about the difficulty of keeping a balance between the mundane planet and the world of magic and mystery.

The game is played in three acts:

Act I: The players find their coven, the shelter they called home, a mundane fantasy nation, and the dangerous underworld creeping under it. Each player is given one of the three coven archetypes (Pure Heart, Old Soul, and Wild Spirit) by the tarot deck, and then jointly they make the world where they stay, and the underworld’s weird laws and residents. Eventually, they request heavy-hitting inquiries about the covens’ relationships with one another.

Act II: The coven faces difficulties given by the tarot cards, rocking them jointly into a years-long saga over just a few play sessions. They need to work jointly to reduce these difficulties while working to keep their relationships and identities.

Act III: The coven encounters the greatest danger to the balance between the globes, and must determine how far they are ready to go to save it.

Wickedness is a game that is both difficult and rewarding. It is a game that needs players to consider creatively and to work together to overwhelm challenging barriers. It is even a game that examines complex themes such as queer identity, community, and sacrifice.

If you are looking for a tabletop RPG that is separate from anything else you have played before, then Wickedness is the game is made for you.


Wickedness is a tabletop role-playing game





  Wickedness Game List  

Here is the list of wickedness games list as follows:

Game Name Genre Developer Publisher Release Date Platform
Wickedness: A Story Game about Witches Tabletop role-playing game Evil Hat Productions Evil Hat Productions 2016 Tabletop
Wickedness Dark fantasy, Weird West, third-person action game Flying Wild Hog Focus Entertainment September 20, 2023
PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC





  Wickedness Game Video Game Weapons  

The Wickedness Game video game contains a different combination of weapons that players can utilize to battle vampires and other monsters. Some of the most famous weapons contain:

Rentier Revolver: A six-shot revolver that can be shot fastly and accurately.

Rentier Rifle: A strong rifle that can have heavy damage to enemies from a distance.

Rentier X-Bow: A crossbow that can shot a combination of various bolts, like explosive bolts and homing bolts.

Rentier Boomstick: A shotgun that can have a huge damage to enemies up close.

Scorcher: A flamethrower that can be employed to incinerate enemies.

Gatling Gun: A rapid-fire machine gun that can be employed to tear through hordes of enemies.

In addition to these weapons, players can even employ a variety of gadgets and tools to support them in battle. These owns like traps, explosives, and even a vampire hunting stake.




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