Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile


The top 10 worst weapons in PUBG Mobile but most importantly we gotta understand how these weapons became one of the worst weapons in this game and what exactly makes them so bad.

I mean I’m not telling you to not use these weapons use them if you have absolutely no other choice and some of them might end up being your best weapon.




At the number 1 spot we have the m249, wait, not this m249, the newly redesigned m249 which has gone through a lot of changes that PUBG developers call optimization, but it’s more like a deoptimization.

Anyway, the m249 used to be one of the best weapons in this game, but now after the redesign or so-called “optimization”, it now became the worst weapon in this game right now every time.

I fight against an m249 player, I would most likely win, even if they have an advantage I’d still win because the new m249 is so bad, most of the weapons like m4 AKM Beryl and even the ScarL outperforms m249 in terms of performance anyway this weapon is better than most of the other weapons in this list.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

But the reason why it is at number 1 is that it used to be an airdrop-only weapon so it should be better than other weapons but it’s not let’s just say you are looking an airdrop and then you find this weapon, few people who know that it’s not as powerful as before, will not pick it up.

But most people don’t know that, so they will pick it up and when they use it, they most likely end up dying because it’s not powerful as before, and if you want to know more about m249.






At the number 2 spot, we have none other than the Saved-off, is it a pistol or a shotgun we never know, but it could be both.

So this weapon is only available on Miramar, good thing it’s not on every map because it’s not powerful as the other shotguns, or reliable as other pistols sawed-off is a double-barrel shotgun pistol, will it do the same damage as shotgun, not really, it deals way less damage, around 40-50%less damage than a normal shotgun and its range is not that great either.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

So that this and comes with only two rounds per magazine, so in order to kill your opponent you need to hit your 2 shots perfectly, otherwise, if you miss at least 1 shot, you’re basically screwed up, because it takes 4 seconds to reload.





  Stun Grenades  

Anyway, at the number 3 spot, we have stun grenades or flash grenades depending on what you call it, but it’s the most useless thing.

I ever saw it more like a prank weapon that is mostly used for pranking teammates by blinding them or trolling them, and if you try to use it on your opponent, you never know if you successfully blinded your opponent or not, you won’t able to know unless you go very close and its range is very poor.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

It can only blind your enemies for a couple of seconds. so it’s basically a useless weapon for most of the players, I’m not telling you not to use this, or carry this, it has its own purpose and that is to stun your enemies, and it rarely happens anyway moving.





  R45 revolver  

On to the number 4 spot, we have R45 pubg mobiles, another Miramar exclusive weapon, so it replaces the normal revolver that you usually find in Erangel map so the r45 uses .45 ammunition.

whereas the normal revolver uses 7.62 but however both revolvers deal the same amount of damage, so what makes the r45 one of the worst weapons well its the rate of fire, if you try to firer45 rapidly and compare it to the normal revolver, you would notice that r45 shoots really slowly and when using pistol rapid tapping is what most people do.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

And remember that r45 has only 6 rounds while a normal revolver has 7 rounds, yet the normal one shoots faster overall anyway moving.






On to the number 5 spot, we have a Crossbow, so let me ask you one small question, what exactly is a crossbow, is it a sniper rifle, or what.

I have no idea what kind of weapon it is so I’m gonna put the crossbow into a new weapon category called “joke weapons” but don’t think that crossbow is a bad weapon or a useless weapon if you use it in the right way it can be really powerful.

I think by now most of you already know that Crossbow can kill a level 3 helmet in just a single headshot, just like AWM so the Crossbow can be one of the best weapons in this game.

But also it can end up being one of the worst weapons in this game nobody truly understands what is the purpose of the crossbow, but as far as I know, the crossbow is the most silent weapon in this game.






On to the number 6 spot, we have M16a4, a semi-automatic assault rifle or in other words, Burst fire assault rifle and you totally have to depend on your luck to use this weapon around 1.5 years ago.

I used to use m16a4 instead of m4 1 6, to truly understand what’s its purpose, and I actually understood that m16a4 is a great weapon for mid-range spraying, I learned how to use the continuous burst fire method, which is currently patched or doesn’t work anymore so it can no longer do continuous burst fire.


Here is a fun thing to know, m16 used to shoot faster than m4 1 6, but now it’s not the same thing. so the least number of players prefer to use this, but only until they find a proper weapon like m4 or scarL or something like that.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

But after the patch update, it made the m16a4 even worse by adding some delay between each burst. it was really fun killing players with m16a4, makes me look like a hacker, but the problem with this weapon is tapping, as I said tapping is an extremely difficult thing to do especially on mobile, however in PCs it’s an easy thing to do.

On to the number 7 spot, we have another burst fire weapon, the mk47 mutant, if you’re lucky you might end up getting some kills with this weapon, in my opinion, mutant, is slightly a better weapon than m16 because it deals more damage, and it still has the ability to rapid-fire, by tapping quickly.

so all these things make mutants a bit more reliable when it comes to close-range fights, but however, people hate using burst-fire weapons since they all depend on your luck.






On to the number 8 spot, we have Winchester, somehow it kind-a of falls under the bolt action sniper rifle category, and it has the lowest damage among all the snipers, it also used to be a joke weapon, but after pubg added a scope, it kind-a became better than before, but still it has the low damage output.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

It requires 2-3 headshots or 3-4 body shots to kill your opponent. if they are using decent armor, you could totally use the Win 94, it’s not bad as before, it has gone through a few changes that made it better, that’s why its at number 8, so it’s useable weapon, but only for early games, later it’s pointless of using it.





Now to the number 9 spot, we have VSS its a suppressed sniper rifle with permanent 4X scope attached to it, it actually falls under the DMR category most people say VSS is a very underrated weapon, but in my opinion, no, it’s not because it has few major problems and one of them is its mag size, it comes with 10 rounds by default, and 20 when using extended mag, so 10 rounds combined with low damage output is gonna be extremely challenging to kill your opponents.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

But also its bullets will travel 3 times slower than most of the other DMR’s, so the bullet drop will be crazy on this weapon.

so these are the reason why VSS is at 9th place. I mean if pub g tries to fix it by increasing its damage but that’s not going to happen because it has acceptable damage as it uses 9mm ammo, and fixing the bullet drop is also not possible because it uses 9mm ammo, so only if VSS comes with 20 rounds by default and 30 when using extended, then it would definitely be an underrated weapon.





  AUG A3  

On to the number 10 spot, we have AUG A3, yes I know most of you are like, how can this gun end up in this list, let me explain, so AUG a3 is an airdrop only weapon so its suppose to be a better weapon than m4 1 6but it’s not.

m4 and AUG have almost identical performances sometimes AUG do better sometimesm4 does it better, so AUG a3 is definitely not a better version of m4 1 6, whereas other airdrop weapons like Groza which is a better version of AKM and Beryl.

Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile
Worst Weapons in PUBG Mobile

And Mk14 is a better version of all DMRs, and AWM is a better version of all other sniper rifles, now I hope you understand why I put AUG on this list, it’s almost powerful as an m4, but obviously not a better version of m4 for sure.





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